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Writer's Block: A sight for sore eyes

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
Ok, I'm on chapter 12 of the sea wolf and I'm pretty convinced that Humphrey is queer. Like, he was describing Wolf's "full lips" and "shimmering biceps" O_O

I mean, I could go on and on and quote the book, but it's in my locker so that's not going to happen.

Also, this guy...a really nerdy guy...like, nerdier than me....I think he like me. He clearly doesn't know what he's doing though, because he tries to talk to me in class, then he sent me this link to a vid that I couldn't even watch because it was taken down or something, and he doesn't even know that men aren't my first choice anyways. Ahh, the poor boy.

But the good news is that...I have a potential model :) There's this reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy attractive young man at my school who would be an awesome model for me, and so I asked him and he said he'd think about it :D

OH. And I also got a bunny. I named him Merlin. Here he is.

Don't mind the ugly floral couch. Just look at his beard. I should've named him Eion

Last thing- coolest singer ever, Vitas. He's this Russian guy who has a super high falsetto voice. ( i think that's what it's called...).

Listen to this song- it's AMAZING. Like, seriously. It will take you 3 minutes. Just listen to it. Go ahead, click play...

Godammit. I should've named the bunny Ramses. I just though of that.
I haven't been on here in awhile. And I still don't have much to say.

Though I am reading the Sea Wolf right now and...I like it.

But London has used the word "groped" about 5 times. Not in an absurd way, but still.

And then the main character (Hump lol) is always describing the captain's eyes. Like, 3 entire paragraphs so far.

Makes you wonder.
I also have an A in Geometry and Trigonometry, so I'm very happy. I haven't had a solid A in math since 6th grade. Woohoo :D
Who is the most important man in your life?
definitely prince nuada ;)


Man, I've really devolved from when I first started on here.

I started out being an emotionally-controlled writer/reviewer/Ginsberg fan and now I'm a squealing mass of weeaboo.

I gave up anime about a year ago, and then I started back up 2 months ago.  It's like a drug for nerds or something. It's addictive, hard to get off of, and you never leave you're house (with the bookstore and conventions being exceptions)


I'm going to a convention! ...in March...

But still, it'll be my first and I'm really excited even though it's a ways away.  I'm not sure if I want to cosplay or not, but if I did, I was thinking either Seras Victoria (hellsing) or San (Princess mononoke)

Maybe I could even dress up as a giant lemon with "Warning: This story contains lemon" on my back or something lol

Ahh...that's all I have to say for now.

Original Story?

I normally don't do this kind of thing, because the last time I did it, it turned into some Mary Sue-fest. The memory is not pleasant.

I've been musing about and outlining an original story I'd like to write. I finally got myself to type the "Preface" today.
I tried really hard not to make it seem ridiculous like other originals I've read, so feedback is what I'm really looking for. It's not even that long, so just take some time to read it.

Last note before I begin- I didn't originally want to do it in first person, because it would be from the perspective of a guy, but this is just how it came out. And I have no idea what the name "Diao" actually means. I didn't want to use that "name" in the first place, but it climbed into my brain through my ear and won't leave. If it turns out to be a Korean cuss word, please tell me.




All the heads in the room turned when I said the name, everyone waiting anxiously to hear what would be said next.

“Diao?” The hefty investigator sitting across from me asked.

“Diao Lam.”

“Do you realize who Ms. Lam was, boy?”

“I had my suspicions.” I said smugly, thinking about the past.

He only sighed and shook his head at my reaction before stating robotically, “Ms. Lam was one of the most wanted people in the world as of

last year. Armed robbery, identity theft, fraud...but most of all,” he paused and ran his chubby fingers through his hair,


“I could’ve told you that. She tried to killed me for Christ’s sake.”

The other investigator, a smaller man, came over to my side of the table.

“When was that? When she tried to kill you?”

I smiled, the memory coming to mind like it happened just the other day.

Naruto Movie


I was just reading Shonen Jump and apparently there is a NARUTO ***SHIPPUDEN*** MOVIE COMING OUT IN OCTOBER YYYAAAYYY.

Although I'm pretty sure it will be just like one really long filler episode...

I AM STILL VERY EXCITED!!!! jljd flsakdjflsjf slj

What a dork...


So tomorrow is the start of a new school year, kind of...because it's just orientation and it's only 3 hours long but still- the start of my sophomore year! Ah...I've just revealed my age. That could be bad or good...

Anywho- speaking of dorky things, I just got done watching "Marik Plays Bloodlines" parts 1 and 2...with my DAD. And he found it extremely funny, as did I. Here's a link for part 1 and part 2. They're really funny, and even funnier if you've watched YGOTAS.

Well, I think that's all I have to say...

Anime Spree

I really thought that my anime watching days were over. Guess not.
I've managed to go through about 5 different short series in the course of a week or so, because I really have nothing else to do but sit in my room and wait for my back to heal. So I figured I'd do a quick review of all those series...with pictures!

Not to be confused with the movie, this series is definately one of my favorites. I was planning to rewatch it actually, and then I stumbled across another branch of it that was quite interesting.
I would consider Mononoke to be a horror anime, and a very complex one at that. The series is divided into short stories- two or three episodes a story. Each story is different, but they all have the same main character, and the same kind of situation- evil spirits called "Mononoke". The main character who appears in each story does not give us his name, but is simply referred to as the "medicine seller", although he is much more than that. With him, he carries a special sword of exorcism that is used to kill the Mononoke, but can only be drawn if the Form, Truth, and Regret of the Mononoke are known. 
I really have enjoyed this series mainly because of its unique animation. It's not like normal anime- much more detailed and fanciful.
Here is a picture of the medicine seller from one of my favorite stories where they are on a boat in the Dragon's Triangle.

And here he is again from a story where they are dealing with the spirits of dead babies in an old brothel...er...yeah...

I really don't know about this series. The animation was good and the characters were pretty good looking, but the plot was lacking. It's basically about women with guns who have a virus that gives them superpowers. How original.
This is a picture of the main character, a middle eastern girl...named Canaan.

This is a picture of the leader of the terrorist group and Canaan's adversary- Alphard. God, I still can't get over that name. Apparently, it means something cool, like "stands alone" or something, but when you say it, it sounds like you're saying "I'll fart." Just my opinion.

Devil May Cry
Yeah, based off of a video game. Which I have never played, but will someday. In my opinion, the anime was INCREDIBLY lame, but my dorky side enjoyed it nonetheless. It's about this guy who is half demon half human, and he hunts and kills demons and takes care of little girls.
Here is Dante, the main character, with his little friend.

Here's a better picture.

The guns are enough right? Yeah, well apparently he has to have giant stupid looking sword too. That he casually carries into restaurants and stuff...

I'm actually in the middle of this series right now, and I really love it. Vampires never looked so awesome. And the thing I also love about this anime is that the people are actually normal looking and not overly beautiful. As you might have gathered, it's about vampires and this organization called "Hellsing" (yeah yeah Van Helsing). "Hellsing" is a special forces organization that kills all the otherwordly creatures like vampires and ghouls. Even though they have several vamps working for them.
This is Alucard (yes, I know, Dracula spelled backwards). He's one of my favorites. His name's on my "Wish they were real" list.
Sorry for the poor quality of the second image.

And that concludes this post...


I have no subject for this journal, it's just everything that's happened to me lately.

Before I begin, just excuse any spelling errors; I still can't see correctly due to the pain meds.


So I'm back from the hospital and I got lots of flowers and people brought dinner over all the time and my neighbor even wanted to paint my nails. It all sounds nice and everything, but it's been back and forth.

Sometimes I have good days, but most days are just really shitty because I spend my time rolling around on a bed watching Judge Mathis or Divorce Court because we have no good channels right now.

I guess some good things that happened would be that while I was in the hospital, my dad ordered me a deviantart sweatshirt (that came with an awesome key chain) and I'm wearing it right now.  I also get to sleep a lot and take meds that cause me to have really weird and interesting dreams. And I have a really cool scar on my back that's about a foot and a half long. I've always wanted a scar for some reason. Maybe to show that I did something important, I have no idea.

I think that's all I'll write for now.

One more thing! Criminal Minds was on last night (surprise surprise on my crappy little tv) and guess who I saw? Frank John Hughes!

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