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A dirty book is rarely dusty.

22 December
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Well...I don't really know what to write. One of the main reasons I have a livejournal is because I'm a fangirl of Band of Brothers and The Pacific, and they have some wonderful communities for them on here. And just so you know, my favorite characters would have to be Bull (Band of Brothers) and Chuckler (The Pacific).
I have a blatant obsession with gay people and slash fanfiction.
I'm quite a lurker sometimes, but I'm attempting to get more involved.
I like fish. Normally not eating fish, but I like to go fishing, and I have about 10 fish tanks in my house. I'm interested in ichthyology and would someday like to run or work at a fish farm.
I also like photography. Although I haven't posted much on lj, there's probably a link somewhere around here for my dA page, where I have most of my photography and digital art.

If you want to add me as a friend, I'd totally welcome that idea and probably add you back.

So long,